Auf ein paar Zeilen mit Angela Tomasoni und Matteo Carrubba von Write Sketch &

Angela Tomasoni und Matteo Carrubba von Write Sketch &

Postcard or SMS?

Both, it depends on the message and the receiver.


When there is no other way than paper and why?

Everytime you want to preserve your message from time. Have you ever heard about a sms in a bottle?


You are both creative directors in Milan and you recently launched your own series of notebooks with the label Write Sketch &. How did it come and why is it a perfect match?

We spent more than 10 years working together, making art direction and branding consultancy in our studio Officemilano. This is great and we still work as art directors for other companies, but at the same time we wanted to feel the thrill of working on our own project.


Would you like to tell us a little more about your brand Write Sketch &? What makes it so special to you and what are your plans for the future?

Our products are a combination of an avant-gard aesthetic language and a deeply international vision. Our passion for graphics and fashion have deeply influenced the WS& project, a true mix between the Italian Design and the experimentation of the Fashion world. For the future we would like to experience more languages, materials and media.


Angela Tomasoni und Matteo Carrubba von Write Sketch & im Interview auf

Living in Milan, Italy's fashion capital, is surely very inspiring! Do you have an insiders tip concerning paper for us?

Our city is changing very fast in the last few years: new shops and concept stores open almost everyday. and it's a real pleasure to go for a walk and discover Milan secrets. If you come here, don't forget to visit the bookshop Corraini 121+, located in via Savona, Zona Tortona: here you can find a constantly updated selection of books on design, art, photography, fashion, graphic design and a range of small designer objects.


Stationery: You never want to live without ...?

A paper notebook


And what's your favourite piece at the moment?

Well, at the moment we love each piece of our Super!Collection: each notebook has a unique personality and we 'wear' it as a dress according to different moods or situations.


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